• Principal's Message

Dear parents and my dear students,

Pawar Public School was set up with the main purpose of providing quality education to the students. To elucidate further let me mention the four pillars of Education which are essential for re-shaping Education.

Learning to know lays the foundations of learning throughout life. This refers to the basic knowledge that we need but it is also about arousing curiosity, allowing us to experience and discover. Learning to know implies learning how to learn by developing one’s concentration, memory skills and ability to think. It enables a child how to think and not just what to think.

Learning to do refers to the acquisition of practical skills, but also to an aptitude for teamwork and initiative. It is this aspect that permits the student to transfer the knowledge and put into practice what is learnt.

Learning to live together is the pillar that is most relevant in the present world. It refers to developing an understanding of others leading to empathy, respect, inner discipline and appreciation for the others.

Learning to be is founded on the fundamental principle that education needs to contribute to the all-round development of each individual. Each child is unique. Learning to be enables the school to cater to each aspect of the student’s personality.

All this requires the support of the parents. Parents and the school need to work in tandem and shape the personality of the child. So, let us work as a Unit - Together we can make a difference.

Dr. Pramila Kudva